How Porfyri Corporate Photographers Can Help Your Business

When we think about corporate photography, our mind often goes to the logos and visual distinctions of a brand, but corporate branding goes much further and also includes all those photographs or images that we launched to publicize our brand, to publicize it or to make it known. 

The importance of images for your brand
As for any photographer it is important to know how to frame well, to know what elements of the image you want to highlight at each moment to express what you want, for a brand the image that it transmits of itself is fundamental and can launch all kinds of messages towards the Potential customers.

In an increasingly visual and ephemeral world, the power and expressiveness of a good professional corporate photograph is fundamental. Users of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others receive thousands of stimuli, that’s why they become increasingly selective and we must call their attention with quality images that impact, be it for their beauty, for their dynamism, for its composition or even for its sense of humor. The big brands have long been aware of this and exploit these types of images in their networks, sometimes with famous people, sometimes with animals or with landscapes that attract attention.

There is a photographic style for each brand
But not all images are for all brands or for all types of companies or businesses. For example, if you are a florist, you will be interested in showing detail images of flowers and decorative elements. If you are a travel company, you will opt for printing landscapes that encourage you to hire your services. Or if you want to transmit positive energy, you will have to offer images with smiling people, with lots of light and, if possible, in a natural environment. But this is not all. Each brand must have clear what is your photographic style. This will differentiate your brand from another. Colors, composition, all this must be reflected in the manual of photographic style of your company, which is born from your brand and personality platform ,so that any photographer you hire, is able to understand and get the same photographic product for your company. As always, studying, standardizing and reflecting in a manual your brand will make you achieve an optimal result regardless of who performs the work.

In Porfyri Photography we are revolutionizing the way in which the image of companies is designed, manufactured, installed and maintained at their point of sale. We have been dedicated to signage and corporate photography for more than 30 years, but since 4 we have designed and integrated a network of signmakers throughout the national territory, operating under a franchise to achieve the same goal: that in your shop, business, local, ship or office have the best signage, at the best price wherever you are.

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Some good pictures on my website … why?
Within that preponderant role that the Internet has, there are countless ways to present your work to the public, which thanks to the network, can be anyone in the world. The image we give to the rest will be fundamental when it comes to turning unknown people into our customers. The quality of our work and the service we offer are very important, but nowadays it is the image that we offer of them in the network.

That image of which we speak includes, among others, a professional website that shows the real nature of our business. It is important to show what we really are, and what better way than through a professional photographer? The advantages, as we will see next, are many. But above all it stands out that with good photographs of the entire staff will be shown to the public a real and close image of the components of the company. And that will translate into an increase in the confidence of the people who contact to request a product or service.

Some good corporate photographer in my business or local: equally important
And now, our professional point of view: if we are not a 100% ecommerce company, and we have a point of sale, office or production centers that in the end will be the sales and communication channel with the client, we have to continue transmitting that feeling of professionalism and good “know-how”. Good labeling and applied corporate image is basic and – we can assure you – to count with quality images created specifically for us by an expert photographer makes the difference.

In Porfyri Photography we make signs, giant front banners, vinyl for windows, menuboards and photomurals: we can assure you that every time we have worked with images that our clients have supplied us, it is noticeable when they have hired a good photography studio. The tones, the design, the framing, the setting and even the resolution of the images are markedly better and they are very grateful when it comes to printing and installing a large-format image in a store.