Know More About Australian Online Businesses

Businesses are always looking for ways to engage with their customers and to raise awareness of their brands. One way they do this is by running competitions, offering the public the chance to win prizes in exchange for some basic contact details they can use to send you promotional material. Entering these competitions online is a great way of getting your hands on amazing prizes like cars, holidays and even cash.

Subscribe to a Competent, Professional Competition Entry Service

The problem; with so many Australian competitions promoted online, you’ll find yourself spending so much time completing entry forms you’ll have little time for anything else. But with iCompete’s competition entry service, you can have all the hours of research and form-filling done for you professionally.Plus you can participate in more competitions and increase your chances of winning. Avoid the hassle of forms, surveys or quizzes when you subscribe to iCompete. iCompete has a sophisticated automated competition entry system and a dedicated team of researchers that work together to find and enter you into the best Australian competitions online. Allyou have to do is sit back and wait for the prizes to roll in!

Why Seek the Help of a Competition Entry Service? Below are some of the benefits of entering Australian competitions online with a competition entry service: The best chances to win the best prizes – the competitions are filtered to include only those that are the ‘real deal’. iCompete only enter you into legitimate competitions with great prizes. Use your free time productively – instead of spending hours searching aimlessly for a few good and valid competitions online, you can spend your time more productively, or simply doing what you love.

– A high quality service – the iCompete service includes everything you don’t have time to do. From reading the terms and conditions to ensuring all forms are filled in carefully.

To ensure you get the highest quality service, iCompete offers the following guarantees; They will enter you into a minimum of 70 competitions each month – guaranteed, or you’ll receive a refund for that month. They will send you a newsletter together with a complete list of every competition you’ve been entered into every month. They will create a special email account for you, which will be used to enter you into competitions; this will prevent your personal inbox getting clogged up with unwanted newsletters and promotional materials from competition promoters. They will let you know when you win. iCompete will forward a copy of any congratulatory emails picked up by their special filters onto your regular email address. You’ll also receive an SMS message notifying you of any wins, so you’ll always know when you’ve won.