Tips: How To Wear Your Suits In Summer

It is always hot in summer, the sun is burning mercilessly from the sky and one is glad when there is a cooling air conditioner. Since the clothing label is not so accurate. You put on a T-shirt and shorts to make ends meet. 
Some think so. Shorts? That’s not for a man at all. So what is only allowed on the beach, or at the resort. Even in summer, the man wears a suit and (you know for sure) long shirts. At least in business, such clothing is desired. There is no cheating with a short shirt under the jacket.

Proper clothing even in high heat
Who groans now and thinks that a suit can not be worn in high heat, is wrong. Granted, in some industries, it has become a bit looser, since men run around even with a short shirt and no jacket. But that’s probably the exception today. And the higher you climb the career ladder, the more important is proper attire. Finally, this emphasizes the competence.

So while the appearance of the correct clothing is to be observed outwardly, but the man inside the suit does not sweat. It works just fine if you follow some rules.

The right fabric makes the suit
To make sure the suit looks good, but does not cause heat build-up, you need the right fabric. More precisely, the right weight, which is measured per running meter. There are also regional differences in the weight of the fabric, because in England a fabric with a weight of 280 to 320 grams is a summer fabric. While in Italy a light summer fabric weighs just 230 grams or less. This weight should not be confused with the specifications Super 100S or super 150S, which only describe the fineness of the thread.

Pay attention to how firm, or how loosely your suit is woven. The looser the weave of the threads is, the more air permeable the fabric will be and the more comfortable it will be to wear in high heat. This has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric, but only with the density. (You know that for sure: a loose woven polo shirt wears better at high temperatures than a thin, tightly woven shirt.

However, avoid linen. This is pleasant to wear, but has lost nothing in everyday business and is more of a material for leisure.

A small disadvantage of the light fabrics should not be concealed at this point: lighter fabrics do not last as long as heavy fabrics. The heavier a fabric, the longer you will enjoy it because it does not wear off. You may know this from the suits of yesteryear. Since very heavy substances were popular, which have kept with good care “eternal”. 
Wear socks in the summer. Barefoot in the shoes may look cool on an Italian, but it’s inappropriate for us.

As Black Jacket Suiting has recommended, if it is too hot and you have to make a good job anyway, then you can grab the following trick. Put some shirts and underwear in the fridge and change them if necessary. The fabric stores the cool very well and cools the body down. So you keep a cool head even without air conditioning.

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